Home Care For Seniors & Medical Alert Necklaces

Our alert necklaces keep seniors safe and provide peace of mind for families

Medical alert necklace in Twin Falls, IDSafety at home is a serious concern for seniors. As we age, our physical and cognitive abilities start to decline, so even some basic daily tasks may pose a threat to our health and well-being. With this in mind, it is no wonder that a lot of senior falls and other accidents happen precisely in the home.

If you are worried about your loved one while they are home alone, Comfort Keepers home care for seniors has come up with a solution that can give you peace of mind. Namely, we offer our clients a range of Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS), which are developed with the goal of allowing older adults to remain at home carefree, enjoy their privacy and independence, and also be able to call for help in case they need it.

PERS is basically a tabletop console that is connected to your parent's landline or cellular network. It can be placed anywhere in the home, as it has a wide range that enables your loved one to freely move around their home and, in some cases, even yard or garden. The other component of PERS is a medical alert necklace, which your parent should wear at all times. Since the necklaces are waterproof, they don't have to worry about any product damage during showering or bathing.

Medical alert necklaces are pretty much unnoticeable and can be worn beneath the clothes, but as their design is nice, they can also serve as fashion pieces. Each necklace features a large button, which activates the tabletop console and establishes a connection with our dedicated staff at our Central Monitoring Station. In case of any kind of emergency, whether your loved one is not feeling well, falls or trips at home or hurts themselves in any other way, all they have to do is press the button and our emergency operators will dispatch help.

Depending on the nature of the situation, our operators can contact emergency services, experts from home care for seniors, a member of your family or even a neighbor. While waiting for their emergency responder to arrive, your loved one will remain connected with our operator, who will do all they can to calm them down. Our systems at the station hold the medical information of our clients, so we can inform emergency services of your loved one's condition - if they have a chronic health problem, what medications they are taking, and more - allowing them to provide your parent with the best medical attention possible.

To meet the different needs of our clients, we offer a number of PERS models. Our friendly home care for seniors staff is more than happy to help your loved one' choose the right product for their needs. Just give us a call today at (208) 215-7084 and schedule your free in-home presentation and one of our caregivers will visit your loved one's home, show them how the devices work, and answer all their questions. We are here for you! 


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